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    There is something below for everyone from the newly appointed manager and for those who are developing and improving their management knowledge and skills. These are just a few examples of the management and leadership courses we offer. Nothing here for you? Then tell us what you want and we will design something that meets you exact requirements.

    The Aspiring Manager - one day course

    Aimed at newly appointed team leaders and managers, this course is designed to get them thinking about their role, identify the skills they will need and develop self-awareness to enable personal and professional development planning. This a one day course and covers the following

    Topics Covered

    • Knowing the difference between management and leadership
    • Identify the managers skills set
    • Look at managing time more effectively
    • Reflection and personal development
    • Personal development planning

    The course will allow new managers an opportunity to explore management theories and approaches and ask questions about their own work related issues. This course can be followed up at a later date with the developing manager course.

    Management & Leadership

    The Developing Manager - one day course

    For team leaders and managers with some management experience but with a desire to develop these further. It will provide an opportunity to explore some of the management theories and approaches in more detail and equip participants with a more sophisticated approach to some of the complexities of managing people and performance in the work place.

    Topics Covered

    • Delegation
    • Motivation
    • Team Working


    Presentation skills - one day course

    Top Fears

    Presentation skills matter. Whether you are speaking at a meeting or delivering a presentation or training session. Knowing how to plan, prepare and deliver a good presentation is key to getting your message across. Public speaking is right at the top of the top ten things most people fear so this course is a must for all managers!

    Topics Covered

    • How to plan and prepare effectively for a presentation
    • Improve pacing and timing skills
    • Better use and variety of visual aids
    • How to structure your presentation
    • How to manage stress before doing a presentation
    • Overcome your fears of speaking at meetings
    • How to keep my audience interested
    • How to handle awkward questions

    Performance appraisals and work reviews - one day course

    The managers’ job is to get work done through others. Setting goals and targets that are clearly aligned to strategic objectives is vital to ensure that everyone is doing the right thing at the right time and that team work is well co-ordinated and complimentary. Learn how to use performance appraisals and work reviews to get the best out of people and improve performance and productivity.

    Topics Covered

    • The golden thread
    • Setting objectives
    • Recording the discussion
    • Dealing with poor performance
    • Developing employee potential

    Leadership Management

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